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Professional Dental Hygiene Scarborough, ON

Professional Oral Hygiene
in Scarborough, ON

Oral Hygiene is the foundation of dental health. Our professional dental hygiene team and caring dentist’s should make you feel empowered and eager to establish and maintain your oral health by means of clear instruction, effective communication and ongoing support. Maintaining your oral health is a combination of proper home care and regular hygiene visits with your hygienist.


Teamwork is the Key to Success

Our experienced Scarborough, ON dental hygienists will make your appointment for your comprehensive cleaning, oral cancer screening and important dental checkup for decay and gum disease at the end of each current appointment.


Effective long term health care is a team effort. Our hygienists and dentists work together in determining which areas of your oral health are of concern and need extra attention.


Your hygienist will clearly outline your treatment plan, using a diagram to highlight any areas that need special attention and giving clear instruction on what is needed to improve or maintain your health. Dr. Kohli and her team know our patients and love the supportive, positive and comfortable approach to their treatment.

1921 Eglinton Ave East, Unit 8E
Scarborough, ON M1L 2L6
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