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Dental Vibe Techonology in Scarborough, ON

Why Scarborough and Toronto residents have been choosing the Warden Eglinton Dental Centre for comfortable dental care for over 25 years:



Our dental team understands that some people are nervous about visiting the dentist.  We want your dental visit to be as comfortable as possible.  If getting a dental injection concerns you, our team now offers a pain-free way to administer them.


Soothing Vibrations

Dental Vibe trick the brain to feel no pain.  When the Dental Vibe is placed at the injection site and lightly vibrates, it creates a soothing sound while massaging the mouth.  It tricks the brain to concentrate on the vibrations instead of the needle.



Patients who have used the Dental Vibe as part of their treatment say that they didn’t even feel the injection - it was painless.  With less pain, there is less dental anxiety for patients.

Painless Dentistry with Dental Vibe
in Scarborough and Toronto.

1921 Eglinton Ave East, Unit 8E
Scarborough, ON M1L 2L6
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