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Dental Implant in Scarborough, ON

Directions from Highway 401, the DVP and Transit Directions in Scarborough.

Directions from the 401:

1. Exit the 401 onto Warden Avenue (Exit 378) and head South

2. Drive Southbound on Warden towards Eglinton Avenue East (5.2km)

3. Turn Right on Eglinton Avenue East (70m)

4. The Destination will be on your left; Warden and Eglinton Dental Centre


Directions from the DVP:

1. Exit the DVP onto Eglinton Avenue

2. Keep Right onto Eglinton Avenue East (250m)

3. Travel eastbound on Eglinton (3.2km)

4. The destination will be on your right just before Warden


Transit Directions:

1. Take the Bloor Danforth Line Southbound to Warden Station (Every 3-11 minutes)

2. Take the 68 Warden Bus Northbound to Eglinton  (15 Stops)

3. Exit bus at Warden Avenue & Eglinton Avenue East

4. Walk 100m to the Destination; Warden and Eglinton Dental Centre




Here are some nearby landmarks to our office.


Ashtonbee Reservoir Park


Scarborough Bluffs


Rouge Park


Scarborough Town Centre


1921 Eglinton Ave East, Unit 8E
Scarborough, ON M1L 2L6
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